So here we are again: in the middle of a dark, cold Canadian winter.  As counterintuitive as it may seem, now is the time to comb the seed catalogues and plan what you will grow in summer, if anything.  I may not actually get to grow a garden of any type this year as we may end up moving in the middle of summer.  I will just have to haunt the farmer’s markets more frequently and live vicariously through you!

But although the dead of winter is not a raw food enthusiast’s best season, it is the season where we can employ our creativity to get in all the fruit and veggie nutrients that we need.  Creative is good, keeps the mind sharp. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

And it was an exercise in trying to employ my creativity that has led me to this:  a recipe book review, just for you!

Raw food blogger, and fellow Canadian, Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life has published a new recipe book, called “100 Best Juices, Smoothies, and Healthy Snacks“.  I waited patiently for it to be available through and it was delivered into my hot little thirsty hands in January (I think?  The winter days all blend together….).  I can’t wait to tell you what I think of it….

Look at this beautiful book!

Look at this beautiful book!










I was eager to buy Emily’s book for the juices, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Of both the sweet and savory juice recipes, I have already tried eleven of them, all of which I adored, and I have to report that the following AMAZING blends will become part of my every-day existence:

First, I don’t want to give away too much information about what is IN the recipes – that would be cheating (and may be copyright infringement), but I’ll do my best to explain why I love, Love, LOVE them…

Sweet Sunshine: is just that.  It perks up a winter beaten soul and, since it’s loaded with vitamin C, protects us from all those nasty germs flying around the office.  It’s not too sweet, and is oh so pretty.

Buddha-Ful Beets:  A runner’s best friend!  Full of oxygen transmitting beet juice, my calves may never cramp again!  Throw in some cilantro and some other awesome stuff, and wowsers….it’s a work of art.

Power Greens: just because the colour is so beautiful and it is packed FULL of all the great things our sweet little cells desire.  I honestly believe I get back 1 year of health every time I throw this one back. At least, that’s how it feels.

Herb Happiness:  I actually drew a heart on the page of this recipe.  Among so many other things, this recipe juices mint, which creates pleasure for all the senses involved.

So many of Emily’s juices are packed so full of incredible ingredients that they could be a meal in and of themselves.  This is particularly helpful in the middle of winter, where we’re often too tired to cook and clean all those dishes – the capability is there to still feed your body well through juice.  I honestly and truly felt uplifted, full of balanced energy, more alert (as opposed to winter dopey), and ready to take on the remainder of the day (as opposed to crawl under the blankies and sleep for 10 days) every single time I made one of these juices.

I could go on and on but an individual’s tastes can be so subjective, you may look at the juices I’ve listed above and go “Ick” (although I personally think that would make you WRONG, but hey…)  so don’t take my word for it.  There are so, so, so many more juices that use reasonable (as in: you’ll be able to find them), interesting, and nutritious ingredients, I’m sure you’ll find several that you love.

And that’s just the juices 🙂

I haven’t yet ventured into the Smoothie section, but have read every single recipe and have dog-eared (hold on, let me count…) NINE smoothies to try in the next few weeks, in addition to several of her snacks.  I think her onion rosemary flax bread will be hitting the dehydrator tomorrow.

To round it all out, the book is beautiful.  The photos show the clean and beautiful ‘au naturel‘ colours of the drinks (Mine turned out the same colour! No photoshopping required!) and just looking at them makes the mouth water.  Emily’s writing style is engaging and humorous – you can hear her talking to you and it’s not hard to tell that she loves what she is giving to you.  There is just the right amount of information in the front (Introduction section) and back (Resources section) to give a newbie a place to start without boring the daylights out of the experienced juicer/smoothier/raw foodist.

Available through,, Chapters/Indigo Online (and may be in-store), and of course, through Emily’s blog (link was provided above).

Happy Winter….unless it’s not winter where you are. I’m not jealous….really….sniffle….


Single Portion Raw Pesto

Just a quick post today after working with a recipe that portioned out raw pesto in a way that doesn’t require a ginormous bunch of basil and 2 quarts of olive oil. Yes, I’m sure there are many out there, but I’ve encountered and tried one and I loved it enough to care to sit down and type, so there we go…

First, to give credit where credit is due, I started with the pesto recipe that accompanied this raw pasta and pesto recipe.  I must admit, as one who has never bothered with marriage, nor as one who would strive too hard to find a “Husband Approved Recipe” even if I did (You don’t like it?  There’s the kitchen.  Go nuts.) the name turned me off, but I do try to remain open minded, so bothered to read the ingredients and was drawn in from there…

Courtesy of The Raw Guru

But, again, as I have no spouse to blend for, or to force into his own blending, the volumes were a little on the heavy side for little old me, and I can happily report that they translate well.

So for the lovely individual that you are, and because you deserve to feed yourself in the best way possible even when no one is watching, here are the single serve ingredients plus a few tweaks I threw in of my own…

Raw Pesto for the one, the only, the fabulous YOU:

1/2 cup raw cashews

1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds

1 cup (yes, still 1 cup) fresh basil with stems, but loosely packed…

1/2 cold expeller pressed extra virgin olive oil

1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt

1 small garlic clove

1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper

Blend until smooth.

Now, aside from changing the salt and upping the basil content, I also added fresh squeezed lemon juice (to taste) and cayenne pepper (to taste) to perk this up a bit as, although the cashews add the wonderful texture, healthy fats, and creaminess, I found their sweetness contradicted the overall flavour and made it a bit flat.  Perhaps I don’t have a sophisticated palate (but never say that to my face, especially if I’ve had a couple glasses of wine…) and so, perhaps again, the subtle beauty of the original recipe is lost on me.  But so be it.  I added fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper and loved it.  There we go.

So now you’re all set!  Spiralize a small zucchini, and/or carrot as per the recipe, or half a small sweet potato, or a bit of beet, and plaster with your five minute personal sized portion of pesto!

Have awe inspiring weekend friends!

KALE CHIPS! Om nom nom…

Yes, I really do love them. I’m not just telling myself that I love them because they’re healthy. That’s the truth.

A reader asked me quite a while back whether or not Kale Chips were as good as everyone says, and I told him that I would have to get back to him on it as the grocery store was actually out of kale the very weekend that the question was posed, and I hadn’t yet tried them otherwise.

Since then I have tried several commercially sold chips. And although I have tried several flavours that I loved, I do find them quite pricey.  $4 – $6 for a 100g bag makes them a bit of an extravagance.  However, this being said, they’re also worth it.  Packed full of wonderful nutrients and no chemicals or other crap, the store bought chips provide a wide variety of flavours, which is nice if you like to mix things up or get bored easily.  The store bought chips are also charging you for convenience, but if you’re going to impulse shop a snack, they’re the wiser choice.  I’ve tried a few kinds, from pineapple coconut, to spicy nacho, and cheesy flavour (which are not flavoured with cheese, but get their cheesy flavour from nutritional yeast), so I would say that there’s a flavour combination out there for everyone.

Kale is, itself, very mild in flavour.  It also doesn’t have a precise or overpowering aftertaste, like bitterness or sweetness.  Because of this, the kale takes on any flavour you throw at it and very little ‘leafy green’ taste comes through.  In short, it’s a great canvas for any taste you’re seeking.

If you’re interested in making a nice big batch at home, it’s pretty ‘effort-free’ and definitely less expensive than buying pre-made ones.  Making them with a dehydrator keeps them in the ‘raw’ category, but if this isn’t a pressing need for you, or if you don’t have a dehydrator, they can also be made in the oven.  There are a buh-zillion recipes for them available with a quick search online, so go look for one that may combine some of your favourite flavours.  I didn’t love the coconut pineapple, I wasn’t mad about the ranch flavours, but I was coo-coo for the nacho flavoured and the cheesy flavoured.  So I tried a batch of cheesy ones this weekend!

Provided below is a recipe I found on the WONDERFUL ‘RAW GURU” site.  Here’s a link to the recipe, which includes both dehydrator and oven methods.

Cheesy Chips at Raw Guru

I must report that I made 2 small modifications to this recipe, however….

1) because it’s just little ‘ole me, I used one bunch of Kale.  Two would have produced too many chips (and silly me…I now know that there’s no such thing after making this recipe, but hey…) but I didn’t reduce the coating at all because I’m BIG ON FLAVOUR and I didn’t find that there was too much.

2) I threw in about 3 TBLSP of nutritional yeast as well, because I love the flavour and wanted super cheesy chips.  I have no regrets for having done so…..   Nutritional yeast, if you are unaware, is a flaky yellowish deactivated food yeast.  It doesn’t have the same odour, uses, or flavour as bread yeast.  I buy mine in bulk at Kardish, but I see online that “Bob’s Red Mill” (which is available in many grocery stores) also produces it, so you may be able to find it where it is most convenient for you.

Making the chips was so very easy.  I washed the kale, and tore the leaves of one bunch into bite-sized pieces (discarding the tough stems) and put the leaves into a large bowl.  In a blender I combined all the ingredients, which (once blended) I poured over top the kale and started to massage the mixture into the leaves.  It took a whopping 3 minutes to perfectly coat them all, then I spread them out into a single layer onto my dehydrator trays.  On the whole, 10 minutes tops.

I put my coated kale in the dehydrator around 9pm, woke up at 9am the next day (hey…it was the weekend…) and they were PERFECT (and I don’t use that word very often) crunchy chips.

I now take them to work for a satisfying snack, and they’re my ‘go to’ when lurking about the kitchen, rooting for something to chow down on.  And they’re so wonderfully noisy, they’re the perfect revenge when watching a movie with that special someone who has been driving you bonkers with their nacho chips or popcorn chewing all those years….

Tasty AND revenge enabling?  What are you waiting for?!

Too impatient for lettuce…

….really, it takes so long to eat.  I’m too impatient.  I have tolerated it in the past, but now that I’m eating salads more often, I can feel the wasted seconds ticking as I fight to get it on my fork, and chew, chew, chew, chew….boring!

As a result, I have managed to make several salads these past few weeks sans lettuce and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting.  Shredded things, spiralled other things, sprouted more things, toss! 

I will admit, salads and smoothies aside, I haven’t been as raw as I should have been these past two weeks.  I have an arms length of excuses to offer up, everything from how the ‘coldest week in eight years’ and getting the flu knocked me down, both physically and emotionally, but just suffice it to say that I fell back to old habits because they were easy.  What can I say:  I’m Canadian but I don’t like beer,  hockey, maple syrup, Beaver Tails and I DON’T DO WINTER.  I’m still waiting for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to catch on and kick me out of the country….

Tomorrow I start anew.  And, again, I am excited. There are changes happening within me that are good.  Despite falling back to old habits in the past two weeks, they DIDN’T make me feel good, they made the downward spiral worse.  Tonight, I had a sprout-based salad and raw cucumbers for supper and instantly I felt happy cells pinging.  My taste buds screamed “Oh yah, that’s what I’m talking about!” and I realized that my body, all of my body: brain, senses, cells, had been loving the wealth of health I had been feeding it before I slipped.

So onward, but this time it feels like I’m going back to what feels right, not what is hard and challenging (like it had felt before).

I also made the commitment and bought the Excalibur dehydrator.  Along with it, I bought another book to pour over that has more recipes that I am really enjoying.  It is called “Uncooking With RawRose” (click the name to see it) and I bought it from which has been an amazing resource site for me.  When I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere else (locally), they have it.

Like I said, the RawRose book has quite a few recipes I’m excited to try.  I have already made her granola and I simply love it.  I have a double batch on the go right now.  It’s base is soaked flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, shredded coconut, cinnamon, dates and apples, and I added pineapple and chopped raw peanuts to the mix this time.

Because I kind of blew it these past two weeks, this will be a shorter post.  Just wanted to assure you that I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth.  Nope, just buried my flu and self pity in a large french fries and pizza.

Just to show I wasn’t a TOTAL slacker these past two weeks….here are a few pictures….

Made the Raw Lemon Lavender Macaroons I mentioned in my last post.  Here they are! And they were amazing.  CLICK HERE to get the recipe.

Lemon Lavender Macaroons.

Lemon Lavender Macaroons.

And I was on the quest for the thinnest cracker that wasn’t all onion.  FOUND ONE!  Click here!

Finnegan admiring how thin that cracker is.

Finnegan admiring how thin that cracker is.

And remember my ‘nudge nudge, wink  wink‘ about Maca and how I thought it must be some inside joke with Raw Foodists because I could never find any?  It came in!  I got it!  Now to integrate it into my daily smoothie to see if I notice any kind of difference in my energy levels….

IT'S REAL!  IT EXISTS!! Whoop!!  Bought the wrong one though:  this one is "gelatinized"  and not the "raw".  At $35 a bag....close enough.  I'll use this one until it's done, then get the raw one next time around.

IT’S REAL! IT EXISTS!! Whoop!! Bought the wrong one though: this one is “gelatinized” and not the “raw”. At $35 a bag….close enough. I’ll use this one until it’s done, then get the raw one next time around.

And the new granola.  This batch uses the gold flax, last batch I used the brown.  I have cranberries dehydrating at the moment – they’ll be plunked into the NEXT batch.  It’s THAT good.  No added sugars, either.

Golden flax and so much more.  Once it is partially dried, it gets broken up....

Golden flax and so much more. Once it is partially dried, it gets broken up….

And my closing note:  tried one more time to make the perfect salt and vinegar potato chip and I just don’t like them.  All I taste is potato starch.  They’re icky.  So I guess I better see what all the fuss is about with Kale Chips instead.  Any recommendations for an amazing recipe?  Are they crunchy? 

Until next time….

Taking Stock…

…of my growing inventory in the freezer.  I’m feeling more comfortable that I’ll have food options ‘on hand’ when I don’t have the energy or desire to constantly pre-plan every morsel that goes into this temple.

It has been a light couple of weeks when it comes to food experimentation.  I’ve been turning my attention more towards family birthdays and, of course, the Yule Tidings that are about to descend upon the planet in one form or another.  For me, it’s “Christmas” so I’ll be referring it to as that from now on.

So let’s go back to the veggie noodle (yellow zucchini) experiment in my last post.  I’m sure this will come as no surprise to you when I say that the veggie noodles with dressing was “my version” of “unfit for consumption” by noon the next day.  They were soft to the point of mushy and that isn’t a texture I appreciate in my veggie noodles which, raw, should be still crisp IMHO.  The noodles without the dressing were no longer crisp but were not so soft as to be unacceptable.  A couple of days later, I also tried green zucchini and sweet potato.  They definitely fared better over-night in the fridge and were edible (I’m always tempted to spell that ‘oedipal’ to see if anyone notices, but I’m easily distracted by silly things) the next evening for dinner with fresh dressing, halved cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices.  I received strange looks from my son over the ‘perfectly delightful!‘ noises I was making whilst consuming.  Om nom nom!

To make a long story longer, I think I will make the veggie noodles the very mornings that I intend to eat them for lunch.  Even though some of them keep well enough, having them fresh and not taking any chances that I’ll be disappointed is worth making an effort in the morning.  I would hate to have any reason to turn my nose up at them and head out to the food court for a poutine.  And there’s a “Five Guys” there too….oh man they make good burgers.  But I digress (and torture myself).  This entire ‘noodle experiment’ falls under the category of “Learning New Coping Skills”.

This past week I have had a smoothie every morning for breakfast.  They. Are. Amazing.  I know I am also experiencing a slight euphoria from FINALLY seeing signs that I am almost fully recovered from mono, but I also know that the sustained energy I am feeling throughout the day is as a result of those hyper-efficient personal blender sizes of liquid power.  Wild blueberries, pomegranate seeds, coconut meat, nut milk, banana, baby spinach, green powder, or combinations thereof.  BAM baby!  I start to add raw Maca Powder next week.  I’ll provide a report as to whether or not I believe it is “all that” like everyone (even the ancient Peruvians) says it is.

My lunches have been about 75% raw, and my dinners, well….if there is ‘raw’ in my dinners, it’s by accident so I shouldn’t take any credit.  I’m getting there.  I also notice that I’m detoxing, but only slightly.  Slight headaches, slight tummy ‘activity’.  I’m probably going to be drawing this process out longer than I need to with my ‘gradual’ move to raw, but that’s the choice I have made.  Christmas party season starts this weekend and I’m not about to turn my nose up at the food and drink bounty that I will be lucky to have access to (and the camaraderie of friends, of course…).  But anywhoosie, slowly but surely…

I have started to explore a new website for recipes and have picked a couple to try.  I’ve tackled their veggie onion bread already, and whooooo boy!  Oniony! It is delicious, but I believe I’ll refrain from taking them for lunch at work lest I alienate everyone with whom I have an afternoon meeting.  I could alienate them from across a room, the bread is that potent.  The recipe suggests using less onion and more zucchini if the onion taste (and eventual smell) is too strong.  I will most definitely be doing this next time.

Here’s the link to the recipe:

And here’s the visual temptation, to make you want to try it 🙂

Veggie Onion 'bread' heading to the dehydrator.

Veggie Onion ‘bread’ heading to the dehydrator.

It can be frozen, is wonderfully healthy, and will make a nice receptacle for guacamole or raw cheese and sprouts.  Oh!  I also added nutritional yeast (available in the bulk bins at Kardish!) to this recipe, for a little extra oomph.

I also made another batch of flax crackers, this time adding some oregano, basil, and a little ground rosemary.  They are delicious.

The site also has a great hint about what to do with all that almond pulp we create when we make nut milk.  They have a recipe for an almond pulp pizza crust!  How creative! (well, us newbies think so at least.  You ‘old hats’ are probably rolling your eyes at me right now.  Bear with me, I’m just getting on the turnip truck.  Ha ha!  Get it?  Getting ON the turnip truck?  Not falling off it?!  Ok ok…)

I’ve started to freeze my almond pulp and will make the pizza crust when I have enough.

Here’s the link:

If you try it before I do, let me know how it turns out!

And a last parting tip:  it’s pomegranate season.  They are huge and (compared to other seasons) cheaper than usual (2 giants for $5, as an example).  Pick up a few and freeze those seeds on trays before putting them into freezer containers.  When you put them in a smoothie, however, make sure you use a blender that will pulverize those seeds really, really well or else you may feel like you’re digesting gravel a couple of hours later.  Ouch.


Ruby gems from 2 pomegranates, freezer bound as well….

Well, that’s it from my corner from the universe.  I think you can expect me to post a little less frequently over the next couple of weeks as I become overwhelmed and over-stuffed by Christmas.  But after that, TALLY HO!  I focus on my complete commitment to the Raw Diet conversion!  Wow, January is coming fast 🙂

Get back on that slicer!

Wow, what a week it has been. First let me report that my mangled finger is healing well, and I even dared to use the mandolin again. I’m so brave, good me, good girl, pat, pat, pat….

I have tried many recipes, sprouted some tasty beans, frozen a lot of nuts, vegetables, and some fruits because I was noticing that I’m starting to throw things out due to rot.  I have to mention that I don’t live alone, but I am the only one converting to a raw diet, so when I buy an abundance of certain things, they will go bad if I am not the one eating them.  Also, because it is winter (one might argue that this wasn’t the best season for me to start this, but if I’m successful at it, then summer’s abundance will be my reward!) I am buying in bulk when I see a good price on things as its availability and/or freshness will be unpredictable for the next little while.  The 12 apples for $17.00 today were NOT a good price.  Grumble, grumble….

So I’m doing a lot of freezing.

On to the recipes I have tried:

I have been asked by several people this past week, “How do you milk a nut?!?!”  Excellent question.  The good news is both male and female nuts give milk, so even though there is a gender where a nut is concerned, you do not have to be able to determine it.  A nut to be milked has to be soaked and the duration of the soak is dependent on the nut.  Click this super underlined sentence for a link to a chart of nut soaking times, courtesy of another web site.  (If you ever click this link and find it is broken, let me know.)  Soaking the nut will swell the teats, making them a lot easier to find, thus making milking a lot easier.  Now approach the nut in a calm and gentle way and…

…if you believe the above paragraph, just send me your money now and get it over with because I”m going to figure out a way to bilk you out of it eventually.  I’d rather have your money in time for Christmas, if that’s OK with you. 🙂

Nut Milk.  The REAL story.  Yes, you have to soak the nuts.  You always have to soak the nuts – that is how their enzymes become released and you eat a food that is giving you all it can give.

Take a cup of those nuts, put them in a blender, add agave nectar, or raw honey, or 2 pitted medjool dates if you want some sweetness, as well as some alcohol-free vanilla. (Note:  I couldn’t find any.  I put in a snip of organic vanilla bean instead).  Last, add 3 – 5 cups water, depending on how concentrated you want your milk to be, then blend until smooth.

Pour the nut milk through a sieve into a container and it keeps up to 4 days.  Apparently there’s a ‘cheater’ nut milk that can be made with raw almond butter, but why bother when the scratch version is so easy?  And for the record:  it tastes amazing.  Here are some photos….

Nut Milk Blender

Raw soaked almonds, 2 medjool dates, vanilla bean…one button push away from nut milk!

Pour blended ingredients through a sieve into a container…

Milk and what to do with the ground almonds, dates, and vanilla? BREAKFAST!

I have also made fruit leather (easy), cilantro pesto (easy), and flax seed crackers (easy, go well with soup or raw cheese) and “Shortcut to Heaven Soup” (easy).  I should mention that all of these recipes are in Carol Alt’s book.  I do sense my time with this book is coming to a temporary end as I will want to branch out soon.  Also because I have also tried a couple recipes that I didn’t like at all: cauliflower popcorn, vinegar garlic potato chips…those were made, tasted and tossed.  And tonight I made asparagus wrapped in prosciutto – this recipe is a keeper.

I hesitate to copy all of her recipes here.  Something about copyright and how a book maker should be able to earn a living.  If you ask me nicely, I may give you further insights, but I’m not going to plagiarize her, especially considering I’d be re-writing half her book here for everything I have tried. 🙂

So here’s a few other notes:  I am running out of some ingredients.  Volumes for some of the recipes are higher than I realized they would be.  I recommend buying in super bulk:  flax seeds and your favourite raw nuts, and any fruit or vegetable that can be frozen when you find them on sale (organic especially).  Once the nuts are soaked, they can be frozen for preservation as this does not kill the enzymes, only puts them in a stasis until they are thawed.  So don’t worry about having to know when to soak things to have them ready the next day, which would be killer complicated.

The last thing I’ve been tackling is this:  what the hell am I going to eat?!  Shut up, stop laughing.  I have no idea how to eat like this all day.  It can’t all be raw cheese and veggie sticks, right?  How do I have breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a light dinner every single day without getting sick of carrots?  Some things don’t keep after preparation for longer than 20 minutes (juice, smoothies, some peeled or cut vegetables), and I’m away from the house for a long time during a work day – just how much food am I going to have to carry with me?!

To try and tackle this conundrum this week, I created a 5 day meal plan.  I’ve blown it once already (it’s Monday) but I’ll keep trying.  I ‘blew it’ because I had an amazing smoothie for breakfast, then went to an offsite meeting.  By 10am I was ready to gnaw on my own arm I was so hungry, but all I had in my purse were a couple pieces of fruit leather….and there was a food court RIGHT THERE!  I opted for the quick carbs, which then lead to something shameful for lunch as well.  If it’s any consolation, I felt like crap for the entire afternoon.

But the meal plan:  it lets me know what I have to make the night before, what I have to take out of the freezer and when, and what I’ll be eating.  This is especially helpful for those of us (me) who are not morning people (like me) and are basically in a walking, drooling coma for my first 30 minutes of being out of bed (like I am), which is also when we (I) have to make breakfast and lunches.  I really hope I get to the point where a lot of this is habit, but for now: the pen and paper are my best friends.

Coming up this week:  do I stick to the meal plan or do I break down and gorge on Kentucky Fried Heart Attack?  Will I get to use my new spiral slicer and show you what that’s all about?  Am I going to get a chance to go to “Raw Express” restaurant and store?  Tune in next time for another riveting episode of “As the Blender Turns”…..

Here are a couple more pictures of the week just past…

Took a hammer and a knife to 2 young coconuts. Will buy a kitchen chisel so I don’t lose the tip of a good knife to these. There was a significant amount of amazing flavoured water in the 2 but not a lot of meat.

The amount of meat from 2 young coconuts. This would annoy me if it didn’t taste so fantastic! So much sweeter and nuttier than the coarse, dense meat of a mature coconut. This meat got shredded and frozen.

Cilantro pesto. Freeze in cubes, then remove from tray and put then back in the freezer in a bag. Voila! On hand whenever you need them. “But you can’t eat pasta!” you proclaim. True. But I can eat veggie noodles! (ah…are you starting to understand what the spiral slicer may be for? You’re smart!)

Tonight’s amazing dinner: Raw asparagus coated in oil, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt and pepper, dehydrated for an hour to al dente, rolled in grated parmesan reggiano, then……

…wrapped in prosciutto! Three of these rolls with two thin asparagus rolled inside was enough for me. And I have some left over for lunch tomorrow! Yay me!