The Mandolin From Hell….

….or maybe it was ‘User Error”.  Probably the latter.  Just a quick update that has nothing to do with eating raw food, but because I can finally take my finger brace off for a little while and can type, I thought I’d convey a little advice!  Don’t use a brand new mandolin slicer when you have never used one before and it doesn’t come with instructions!  Rather than risk being wordy, I’ll just summarize:  I used a carrot chunk that was apparently too long for the slicer I bought (that shall remain nameless because I can’t afford a defamation law suit) and as I quickly moved the carrot towards the blade, it tipped, the guard too tipped, and I scalped a nice chunk of fingernail and finger off my “Profanity Finger” (which happens to be my favourite).

I did a test run of the picture on FaceBook and it got a ton of comments that indicated to me that it may not be appropriate for a blog where people are thinking about food and eating.  (oh, on that note, I couldn’t find the nail and skin chunk so I threw the already-sliced-carrots out, FYI)  If you ask me REALLY NICELY I’ll post under a new tab so it’s not IN YOUR FACE to whomever doesn’t want to see it.

Short story long, only 2 days later and it has healed a great deal, thanks to “COMPLETE POLYSPORIN“.  I recommend you buy stocks in the company that makes this amazing product, because I just bought myself a 1500Watt Ninja Blender/Food Processor for my birthday (November 21st, just in case you want to buy me something nice.  I like wine) and although it DID come with instructions, anything is possible!!  🙂

Coming up this weekend:  the recipes I have tried, how to milk a nut, and “What’s Next”?