Too impatient for lettuce…

….really, it takes so long to eat.  I’m too impatient.  I have tolerated it in the past, but now that I’m eating salads more often, I can feel the wasted seconds ticking as I fight to get it on my fork, and chew, chew, chew, chew….boring!

As a result, I have managed to make several salads these past few weeks sans lettuce and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting.  Shredded things, spiralled other things, sprouted more things, toss! 

I will admit, salads and smoothies aside, I haven’t been as raw as I should have been these past two weeks.  I have an arms length of excuses to offer up, everything from how the ‘coldest week in eight years’ and getting the flu knocked me down, both physically and emotionally, but just suffice it to say that I fell back to old habits because they were easy.  What can I say:  I’m Canadian but I don’t like beer,  hockey, maple syrup, Beaver Tails and I DON’T DO WINTER.  I’m still waiting for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to catch on and kick me out of the country….

Tomorrow I start anew.  And, again, I am excited. There are changes happening within me that are good.  Despite falling back to old habits in the past two weeks, they DIDN’T make me feel good, they made the downward spiral worse.  Tonight, I had a sprout-based salad and raw cucumbers for supper and instantly I felt happy cells pinging.  My taste buds screamed “Oh yah, that’s what I’m talking about!” and I realized that my body, all of my body: brain, senses, cells, had been loving the wealth of health I had been feeding it before I slipped.

So onward, but this time it feels like I’m going back to what feels right, not what is hard and challenging (like it had felt before).

I also made the commitment and bought the Excalibur dehydrator.  Along with it, I bought another book to pour over that has more recipes that I am really enjoying.  It is called “Uncooking With RawRose” (click the name to see it) and I bought it from which has been an amazing resource site for me.  When I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere else (locally), they have it.

Like I said, the RawRose book has quite a few recipes I’m excited to try.  I have already made her granola and I simply love it.  I have a double batch on the go right now.  It’s base is soaked flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, shredded coconut, cinnamon, dates and apples, and I added pineapple and chopped raw peanuts to the mix this time.

Because I kind of blew it these past two weeks, this will be a shorter post.  Just wanted to assure you that I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth.  Nope, just buried my flu and self pity in a large french fries and pizza.

Just to show I wasn’t a TOTAL slacker these past two weeks….here are a few pictures….

Made the Raw Lemon Lavender Macaroons I mentioned in my last post.  Here they are! And they were amazing.  CLICK HERE to get the recipe.

Lemon Lavender Macaroons.

Lemon Lavender Macaroons.

And I was on the quest for the thinnest cracker that wasn’t all onion.  FOUND ONE!  Click here!

Finnegan admiring how thin that cracker is.

Finnegan admiring how thin that cracker is.

And remember my ‘nudge nudge, wink  wink‘ about Maca and how I thought it must be some inside joke with Raw Foodists because I could never find any?  It came in!  I got it!  Now to integrate it into my daily smoothie to see if I notice any kind of difference in my energy levels….

IT'S REAL!  IT EXISTS!! Whoop!!  Bought the wrong one though:  this one is "gelatinized"  and not the "raw".  At $35 a bag....close enough.  I'll use this one until it's done, then get the raw one next time around.

IT’S REAL! IT EXISTS!! Whoop!! Bought the wrong one though: this one is “gelatinized” and not the “raw”. At $35 a bag….close enough. I’ll use this one until it’s done, then get the raw one next time around.

And the new granola.  This batch uses the gold flax, last batch I used the brown.  I have cranberries dehydrating at the moment – they’ll be plunked into the NEXT batch.  It’s THAT good.  No added sugars, either.

Golden flax and so much more.  Once it is partially dried, it gets broken up....

Golden flax and so much more. Once it is partially dried, it gets broken up….

And my closing note:  tried one more time to make the perfect salt and vinegar potato chip and I just don’t like them.  All I taste is potato starch.  They’re icky.  So I guess I better see what all the fuss is about with Kale Chips instead.  Any recommendations for an amazing recipe?  Are they crunchy? 

Until next time….