As acquired.  Once I use them for a little while, if there is anything noteworthy (positive or negative) about them, I’ll post here.

  1. Mandolin. I bought one in the $20 range.  It tried to kill me.
  2. Salton 5 tray dehydrator with thermostat.  I use parchment paper on the trays for small seeds and liquids like fruit leather puree  and it is working well.  Don’t use the manufacturer’s recipes – it uses too high of a heat.  “RAW” is 115 degrees or lower.  Anything above and you’re killing enzymes.  $45 at Walmart.
  3. Nutribullet blender, from the MagicBullet family. It has a 600 watt motor and works really well.  I thought its size would suffice for ‘just me’ but I am already starting to notice that the capacity is small.  I had to make 4 cups of almond milk in two batches, and I don’t seem to be able to stuff enough veggies and fruits in to the large capacity cup for a smoothie.  However, it turned 1 cup of pistachios into powder in a blink.  That is one of its selling features: that it pulverizes nuts and seeds to powder so they can be consumed and one can receive the nutrients from them.  On this it lives up to its claims  It is fine for now, but I think I will have to save up for a large capacity 1200W blender.  The Nutribullet was $99 and is a step up from the MagicBullet, which doesn’t list its motor power on the outside of the box nor is it easily found anywhere on the website, and was $59.
  4. Sprouting jar.  It was $9 and consisted of a glass jar, a lid that permits an angling of the jar and drainage, and a wee booklet about soaking and rinsing that I have found most helpful.
  5. Food storage.  I didn’t have enough laying about so picked up some more.  Remember:  glass is best, reusable and recyclable plastic is tolerable (but don’t heat anything in it), and non-recyclable plastic is worst (like sandwich bags or freezer bags).  I have a blend of all of the above.
  6. Spiral Slicer:  cuts in a way that turns vegetables into noodles.  I shit you not.  I bought mine online at for $45 plus tax and shipping.  $60 all in.  It arrived several weeks ago and I LOVE IT!
  7. As anticipated above, the capacity of the Nutribullet wasn’t sufficient for many of the recipes I wanted to try.  I bought a 1500W Ninja blender and food processor for my “Happy Birthday to me!” present. (Note:  don’t ever buy a woman a blender for her birthday, she’ll kill you in your sleep.  But it’s OK to buy her one ‘just because’ if you know for a fact that she really wants one).  This blender is AWESOME.  I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth.  After taxes, it was $250, which isn’t bad AT ALL considering I see other blenders of equal wattage and horse power (2) with an average price of $500 online.
  8. After seeing how much I was going to be using the dehydrator, and the volumes of food I wanted to dehydrate in one go, I gave away my small Walmart one, and bought an Excalibur.  In talking with people, it seems people are under the impression that they are over $500 and, therefore, out of range for hobbyists.  Not so!  Enter the “Raw Nutrition” online store that I mention on my Resources page.  I bought the Excalibur model 2900ECB and I use it every week.  Here is the link to the page: Raw Nutrition Dehydrators. 
  9. I had a Hamilton Beach electric juicer (the type that whizzes fruit and veggies through a metal mesh screen), and a manual auger-style juicer for wheat grass.  After deciding that ‘juicing is for me!’ I invested in an Omega electric auger style (masticating) – good for greens, wheat grass, veggies, and fruit.  Also comes with the tools to “mince and grind” (which includes frozen bananas, so bye-bye Yonanas, which I listed below) and a dye to push through homemade pasta for noodles. Because this juicer doesn’t over-oxygenate the juice, the nutritional values hang around a little longer, so I can juice in the morning and take it to work.  It cleans up so quickly, it’s fantastic.  I am now juicing every day thanks to this little baby.

Already owned and will be helpful:

A “Yonanas”….and I’m not ashamed to say it!  This little gadget was on sale for $40 and turns frozen bananas into soft serve.  I fib not.  It was perfect for me in the summer:  I’m the only one in the house that eats bananas, but can’t eat banana bread.  So when they started to turn brown, they got turned into earth food.  I was throwing a lot of bananas into the composter and I was getting annoyed.  So when they start to turn brown, you peel them and put them in a baggie in your freezer.  When you need a banana, or a quick dessert, you push it through the Yonana and get banana soft serve.  I had also tried other fruits as the box suggested, but they were disastrous.  I think the trick is to “sandwich” the other fruits between bananas so the blades clean out.  I’ll try again soon.  Update:  I think this was a buy that wasn’t required.  My blender is just as capable of turning a frozen banana into the consistency of ice cream and my Yonanas has been collecting dust for months.  See also the “Omega” update above.

Electric chopper.  $10.  Does garlic, onions, etc in bulk and doesn’t take up a lot of room, but doesn’t take on nuts or seeds too well.  The “Nutribullet” takes care of those in a blink.

Hand held blender:  for those times when you don’t want to have to haul out the counter top one and its functionality suffices.


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