This list is going to be gnarly disorganized at first.  I’ll attempt to create order once it grows and I see natural categories starting to evolve.

  1. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  2. Cold pressed unprocessed canola oil
  3. Raw apple cider vinegar
  4. Seeds and beans for sprouting: Mung bean, alfalfa, little radish, and a ‘fitness mix’.
  5. Fruit….lots and lots of fruit
  6. Raw pumpkin seeds
  7. Raw unpasteurized almonds
  8. Raw pistachios
  9. Medjool dates
  10. Goji berries
  11. Raw almond butter
  12. Organic vanilla beans
  13. Raw agave:  powder and nectar
  14. Raw honey
  15. Raw cheese: cheddar, blue, gouda and others.  Will provide a review of them once I start consuming.
  16. Nutritional Yeast
  17. Sprouted quinoa
  18. Raw cashews
  19. Raw sunflower seeds
  20. Chia seeds
  21. Veggies, veggies, veggie, veggies
  22. Fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit
  23. Nama Shoyu – a fermented soya sauce.  It is quite nice!  (P.S.  Fermented products are “OK” – they have never been heated)

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