Posted here will be the books, blogs, sites, and people who have been generous with relevant and great information about living raw.

  1. Carol Alt‘s Book, “Easy, Sexy Raw – it is amazing, especially for beginners.

  2. Raw Nutrition, online store.  : I ordered my spiral slicer from here.  They are Canadian.  I have browsed further and they have a significant amount of well priced raw nuts, seeds, grains, and many other products that can be ordered online.  If you are having trouble finding any ingredients and don’t feel like spending the time to run all over to try and find it, I would check this site first.  Update December 15:  I now have a shopping cart with nearly $500 worth of seeds, grains, supplements, and equipment!  I LOVE this site!  All I need now is $500 🙂

  3. The No Meat Athlete: A friend has given me this link:  I will find this quite helpful as I do want to ensure I have the energy to continue “running” (I put that in quotes as I am more of a loper at this time.  Hope to be a gazelle eventually) and going to the gym for strength training while eating a raw diet.  I don’t know why I am concerned that I won’t – I think it is because my muscle recovery protein has always been animal based (eggs, meat) and will need to know how to bolster it with plants and raw dairy in the new year.  I’ll let you know how I end up being able to use this site.  Thanks to Dawn for the link!

  4. Raw Food Recipes: They have a couple of appealing recipes and it seems to be updated frequently –

  5. The Rawtarian – Great recipes and resources.  This woman seems to really love the Raw Food lifestyle and sharing with others.  I’m going to try her Apple Pie recipe over Christmas:

  6. A Raw Food Chef School!  Who knew?!

  7. Holy amazing food, desserts, and beautiful to behold, Fragrant Vanilla Cake will be a “go-to” of mine for a while!

  8. More to come!


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