What it’s all about….

As I thought about the “why I’m doing this” narrative this morning, I realized I was getting “Wordy”.  I get accused of this from time to time.  So let me keep it short, but still attempt to entice you into keeping track of this space….

I’m a female, early 40s, vivacious, outgoing, exciting, creative, and doing as much living as I can….in my mind.  My body, not so much.  Age is changing me and I’m pissed off.  I’m encountering creeks and cricks and find myself going to my doctor more than I ever wanted to.    I’m TIRED ALL THE TIME despite the impressive amount of sleep I can pack in.

My motivation:  I want to look and feel awesome.  I want to stop this downward ‘about to become dependent on Western Medicine to get out of bed in the mornings” spiral in its tracks.  Fast.  I want to live to be 120 and die because my chute won’t open, not because I’m old.

My current health and fitness level:  Average.  I actually think “Average” is crap these days, so I’m not tooting a horn when I say that.  I was a life long smoker, not heavy but very dependent.   Quit 6 months ago and it’s going really well.  Daily exercise was not part of my regime, so I started with a personal trainer and running.  This has been momentarily side-lined by mono (other people get the flu….but go big or go home, right? I got mono).  As of my starting this blog, I’m still recovering from it.

My starting point:  I have no health issues that might make this a bad idea.  I understood the premise of the raw diet:  nothing cooked.  But anything beyond that raised more questions than I had answers.  I am a meat eater (I run a Bacon fan page on FaceBook) and I avoided the RAW concept for a long time simply based on that.  So be warned…I may end up eating raw meat, and if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may get disgusted by this.  I can handle that.  On the whole, my diet is pretty good.  I love good food, I love spending time in the kitchen and discovering new things.  I love clean food, whole food.  I break down and have fast food about 5 times a year.  This is where I’m starting from.

What I’m about to do:  I’m about to convert my diet to a raw one.  After months (if not years) of reading and other research, I believe this is the one that makes the most sense to me.  I love the science of it, the philosophical simplicity of it, and it finally hooked me with its promise of “more energy”. I also love the planet (go figure) and anything I can do to advocate for its preservation and health, I’m there.  A raw diet doesn’t permit geneticially modified foods (GMOs), encourages buying local for freshness (less food transport, less carbon footprint of your diet), and a raw diet supports such little waste, I could go on and on.

If you aren’t entirely sure of what a “Raw Diet” is, please Google.  I’m all for people educating themselves.

The raw diet promises to be labour intensive, but that doesn’t scare me.

This blog will document my transition.  Speaking of people educating themselves, this is how I will be approaching this transition.  I want to see how easy it is for a person to take this on and find everything they need to succeed.  I hope to provide honest insights into the transformation process, warts and all.

The method to my madness:  It is November 10th, 2012 and I plan to be completely raw by the start of January (yes, 2013).  I’m normally a ‘jump in with both feet’ woman, but upon reading more about what a raw diet life-style entails, I decided it would be prudent to ease into it.  I need to figure out how to “sprout” crap, how to milk an almond (?!??!) and find out *everything* I can eat and whether or not I think I can find it in this city and whether or not I like it.  Also, I have a house full of “non-raw” foods that I need to start clearing out without throwing it out (waste drives me nuts).  Not to mention the fact that holidays are coming and I’ll be damned if I’m giving up the potent rum and eggnog that promises to make things merry and bright…..January it is.

On we go…..


2 responses

  1. i don’t know if I’ll ever go completely raw or even 75% but I completely agree with your way of thinking. I had the unfortunate experience of viewing about three minutes of “Earthlings” and it was enough to make me immediately change my habits with respect to buying meat, fish and poultry. I’ve always preferred locally grown garden fruits and vegetables to any others (God Bless Grandma Bartlette), and have been making it a habit for years to buy locally grown produce whenever I can. I found a great local butcher who has his own farm, uses no chemicals or steriods, etc. and ethically treats his animals. Very important. I also was lucky enough to find an local organic pick your own vegetable garden. Not only is the produce I have ever had it was also the cheapest. I thoroughly enjoyed pulling carrots and picking beans without having to put in the months of back breaking labor to grow it (especially when our summer had been so dry; it must have been a lot of work to sustain a garden). I picked a produce sized bag of fresh spinach and it cost me 50 cents! A pound of winter garlic (all peeled cloves) was $1. I had a large re-useable shopping bag of produce, and two pounds of ground beef for $18. The beef came from his friends farm in Ontario, same principles as above. The gardener has been in business since 1972 and is certified organic. While I haven’t yet started down the road of preserving and pickling (which I plan to do – I have a nice big cold room in my basement) I bought as many vegetables as I could to freeze. Now when I go out to eat I check their website ahead of time to see if they are a farm to table restaurant. I’m fortunate enough to have a cafeteria at work that features a salad bar and fresh fruit daily. I still have a long way to go (I still love sweet and salty treats) I’m happy to be educating myself towards a better eating lifestyle. Love the blog.

  2. I responded to you on FB, but missed responding to you here! I’m so grateful for the input! I wish I were living somewhere that I had room for a veggie garden – I used to and I miss it…..a little….I’m not a fan of weeding, and in those days I wasn’t as focused on growing my own veggies as I certainly am now! How life changes us…as long as it’s for the better, right? But your post reminds me that I saw quite a few farms while driving my son to a friend’s ‘in the boonies’ not really far from our house. Come Spring I will investigate and see what they are selling ‘right off the farm’. I am looking for organic beef (tenderloin, for example) that isn’t from an industrial farm. But thank you for taking the time to write here! I appreciate it and hope you continue to find it interesting.

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