2013 – The Year of Feeding the Whole

Happy New Year to you all.  With all the elation or low down dirty fights, peace or total discontent, balance and imbalance that a day, week, month or whole year can bring, sometimes staring down the barrel of a new year can be daunting!  But I do hope you and yours have more of the good, quality of good, noticeable good, supporting good than you do anything else.

And why not start with what we eat?  Whole, living food can help alleviate stress and illness while supporting our self esteem and inner peace.  Staying in touch with our whole selves can be challenging on a daily basis – consistently eating well removes one less detail to have to worry about, permitting us to move on to think about growing and supporting other parts of our whole being.

And here is it, January 1st, 2013 already.  The time that I pledged to myself to transition completely to a raw diet (or ‘lifestyle’ as it were).  I’m 97% ready.

As I’m sure you can imagine, and perhaps empathize, I did manage to collect some non-raw foodstuffs this holiday season that I’m still working on ‘eliminating’ (or eating).  But I’m so, so close to being ready, I can taste it (excuse the pun), and I’m excited.  I’m back to work and a regular schedule tomorrow.  I’ll start my days with smoothies, healthy (if not completely raw) lunches, then dinner will consist of what is handy.  Come Monday, January 7th, I’m aiming for a complete transition with my days being raw-by-design, and anything not raw will be a slip or what I consciously decide to make part of my 20% (aiming for 80, remember?)

In the meantime, I’m making pizza crusts to have handy in the freezer, sprouting some chickpeas for hummus and mung beans for crunchy fun.  I have made rosemary crackers, and have a freezer full of options that I have been stockpiling for about a month.  No excuses left.  🙂

So there it is.  Hope to see you back here as I kick this transition and period of discovery into the next gear!  Will post again soon.


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